• The Tiffany luggage tag is a stylish way to label your travel bags
    • Comes with an adjustable metal attachment
    • Sleek design that can be moved and removed from bag to bag
    • The Tiffany is an adorable baby blue with chocolate brown polka dots and velvet trim
    • Includes a 30-day unconditional guarantee and a one-year warranty for defects
  • Love your lingerie? Then put a tag on it with the super sleek and adorable Panty Pak Luggage Tag! Label all your luggage, bra bags and panty paks too, with the Tiffany Luggage Tag. Our luggage tag boasts an adorable-shaped panty with a ribbon bow. Your personal contact information sits behind a veil of plastic, which protects against even the most extreme travel conditions. The Tiffany style combines baby blue and brown to make a sassy statement. An easy-to-use wire design allows you to fasten the luggage tag from bag to bag to bag. Or, at this price, you can buy more than one!
  • The Panty Pak luggage tag is a stylish way to label all your travel bags. It's practical yet playful, and plenty feminine too!
    • Fabric case is water resistant
    • Not machine washable
    • Spot clean with gentle soap and a damp cloth

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